TEMANGGUNG. The order for the help cage from Rumah Zakat, which has been long awaited by 3 rabbit farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat finally arrived this afternoon (4/11).

Agus Sofian, one of the farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat, revealed that with the new enclosure the capacity of the rabbits’ livestock will double. Agus is optimistic the rabbits he wrestled would produce high economic value.

At least in the implementation of Temanggung Fair which lasted 5 days from November 1 to 5 2018, all the rabbits brought to the event were sold out.

Rabbits are indeed unique animals. Besides being sold as broiler animals, rabbits also sell as ornamental animals. Even rabbits who are only one month old are very wanted to buy because this animal looks funny.

Anantiyo Widodo, Rumah Zakat Facilitator and the supervisor of the Kedungumpul Village-Powered Rabbit Group, said that there was a need for special education for farmers.

“The breeders here still need special education regarding the cultivation of broiler and ornamental rabbits. One of them is about cage differentiation. Therefore giving the cage is the first step “he said.

The assistance from Rumah Zakat – continued Anantioyo – was intended to ensure that farmers were disciplined in separating livestock when needed to achieve optimal productivity

The existence of a new cage is also very much needed for the separation of the rabbits from their mothers when they are 35 days old.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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