PGN DAN RUMAH ZAKAT SUPPORT PELAYANAN POSYANDU DESABEKASI. Maternal and Child Health Center or Posyandu is a health maintenance center that made of, by and for the people which guided by Local Health Center officer, like midwife. The aim of Pusyandu itself is to improve public health, especially children under five, pregnant women, maternal and postpartum mothers.

In frame to improve public health, especially children under five and pregnant women, PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara) and Rumah Zakat held PGN Empowered Village 2017 which located at Hurip Jaya village, Babelan subdistrict, Bekasi district. And one of its program is revitalization of Posyandu. Posyandu that is accompanied by PGN and Rumah Zakat is posyandu in Tanah Baru, RT 07, Hurip Jaya village.

Tanah Baru Posyandu activities have been carried out on Tuesday (21/03) at the house of Head of RT, that delivered by four cadre of Posyandu and accompanied by one midwife who is midwife Yuyun. Although Tanah Baru Posyandu wasnot really meet the standard, but its cadres kept always the spirit to serve public who came to bring their babies.

The incomplete facilities of posyandu was not also decrease the spirit of cadres to serve the community, Posyandu activities carried out in very simple way: they even weighed the baby in the door.

Posyandu activities starting at 09:00 until 11:00 pm, PGN and Rumah Zakat also provided PMT (Supplementary Feeding) like banana, milk, and sausage. “I am very grateful, that Tanah Baru Posyandu can receive assistance from PGN and Rumah Zakat. Hopefully with the help of the Rumah Zakat and PGN our posyandu will be better to improve health care for children under five and pregnant women.” midwife Yuyun said.

In addition to the help of PMT, PGN and Rumah Zakat would also provide assistance for posyandu facilities to fulfill the incomplete facilities or tools, and also to improve the knowledge of cadres PGN and Rumah Zakat will hold training activities cadres once a month for 12 times the training in one year as well.


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