BANTUL. Monday (22/01/2018) Rumah Zakat in early 2018 provides interest-free loans to the activists of An Ni’mah Mosque, Jetis Hamlet, Tirtomulyo Village as one of the efforts to eradicate Riba from Mosque and Jamaah Activists.

Rumah Zakat formed a savings and loan group, which on that night was elected Pak Parjan, as chairman. Pak Wiranto, as secretary and Sunarto as treasurer, is held by Ngadiyanto’s brother.

The formation of interest-free savings and loan groups is also based on the willingness of the Rumah Zakat Facilitator and also the Takmir Masjid An Ni’mah Dusun Jetis to gradually eradicate the usury loan which is currently still underway. As in the Arisan event housewives, although in practice they take a small profit but still troubles others.

“This savings and loan group in addition to taking no interest is also light in installments of only Rp 25,000 in a week for a maximum loan of Rp 1000.000, but of course there are conditions that must be met as the first borrower must be active in the activities of An Ni’mah Mosque. Discuss the Facilitator

Response from Takmir Masjid itself is very supportive of this activity because in addition to removing usury can also be an attraction for residents to diligently come together and do the activity in Masjid An Ni’mah, Hamlet Jetis.

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