TEGAL. Plt Mayor of Tegal Mr. Haji Nur Sholeh welcomes visits from orphans and village facilitators in power of Rumah Zakat in Tegal.

The visit as a friendship with the local government with orphans and the introduction of empowerment programs built Rumah Zakat.

In the meeting, he gave knowledge and experience to the children. “I am a child of farmers and traders in the market, all 9 siblings. From the limitations of families, thanks to prayers, ideals and hard work of the 9 brothers have been able to finish S2 and 7 people have done the pilgrimage, “he said.

When telling stories in his childhood, Mr. Nur Sholeh had time to go to school not using shoes. “If the school is not shod, so if the rain and muddy soil feet should be cleaned before entering the class,” he told the orphans built Zakat House.

After his adulthood he worked in construction workers, then active in the organization to become a council and now as Plt Mayor of Tegal. “Hold on to two things: patience and gratitude. Be patient in the test, thank goodness in ease. This characteristic of a Muslim, “a special message Plt Mayor to the entourage Rumah Zakat tersebut.Senin (08/01/2018)

At the end of the meeting, the parcels were given to the orphaned children of Rumah Zakat who visited the Mayor’s office. “In the midst of the busy Mr. Mayor, he is pleased to receive our visit, hopefully the story of the journey of life and career can make a great inspiration for orphans built Zakat House,” said Ahmadin the facilitator Rumah Zakat.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi


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