POJOK BACA POSYANDU ICD KEDUNGREJOSOPROBOLINGGO. (08/03) In an effort to increase interest in reading in rural areas and support Indonesia reading movement, Rumah Zakat through Inspiring Volunteer presents reading corner in posyandu Krajan ICD Kedungrejoso probolinggo for the first time on Tuesday (7/3). To bring this reading corner Syarifudin Inspiring Volunteer Rumah Zakat in cooperation with Reading Lodge Sang Juara. As for Reading Lodge Sang Juara (Pondok Baca sang Juara) is a program initiated by Inspiring Volunteer to provide educational services to the communities in ICD Kedungrejoso probolinggo as providing books to read and lend, tutoring, foreign language class, and parenting class.

By bringing some books collection themed education of children and mothers, Syarifudin along with one of the administrators of Reading Lodge Sang Juara head straight to the location which is in posyandu Krajan RT 5. The activity began with counseling of the importance of reading and recognition of posyandu reading corner program to posyandu participants.

“The mothers immediately welcomed this program, toddlers also spiritedly took picture books, although they are not yet able to read, but this activity aims to teach them love the books that will eventually make them enjoy reading “Syarifudin said.

As well as reading this reading corner lends books to mothers who want to borrow, the program is expected that the mothers can gain knowledge of how to educate children.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah


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