PROBOLINGGO. Improving interest in reading for the community, especially students is not easy at this time. Amid the rapid growth of technology and communication, students now prefer to play games with Smartphone rather than increase knowledge by reading books. For that it needs a massive program and directly touch their personal book reading culture can be successful again.

For that reason, on Saturday (5/8) Facilitator of Rumah Zakat together with pondok baca Sang Juara management of Kedungrejoso empowered village held a socialization of the ‘A Week Read 1 Book’ to MI Raisul Anwar students in Kedungrejoso Village,  Kotaanyar District,  Probolinggo Regency, East Java.

MI Raisul Anwar is a primary school with the most students (215 students) beating the number of 2 elementary students who also exist in Kedungrejoso. Located in the laboratory of madrasah, socialization activities delivered directly by Syarifuddin, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, the activity is divided into 3 sessions based on class level.

“‘A Week Read 1 Book’ book is a special program for elementary students by requiring all students (grade 4-6) to read a book at least 1 book in a week by borrowing book in Pondok Baca Sang Juara, This program also works with HomeroomTeacher to check the reading of students “Said Syarifuddin.

Syarifuddin hope with this program, in addition to increase reading interest of students, it is expected to also improve academic and non academic achievement of students because of the increasingly diverse knowledge gained students from reading activities.

“Cooperation of reading program with Pondok Baca Sang Juara will greatly help us in educating the children, we admit the interest of reading the children is now very low, this has a big impact on their academic value. Thanks to Rumah Zakat with Pondok Baca Sang Juara that already trying to help the advancement of education here with the movement of love to read for children ” P.Ahsan Jamil said, principal of MI Raisul Anwar after the socialization was completed.

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