009620000_1425467723-tukang_tidur_profesional_1 Which sleeping pose that you often do? Lying Prone, supine or sideways? This position is usually determined by one’s comfort level of the sleeping pose.

As quoted by Independent page, studies say it turns out that sleeping position can affect the health of one’s sleep. From neck pain to sleep disorders such as snoring and nightmares may arise due to problems sleeping pose. In fact, it can bring new problems to the health of the individual,

Lying supine

This position can facilitate the head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position. So this can be called a good position for anyone suffering from pain in the area.

But it does not mean that the position could avoid problems such as snoring and sleep apnea, those problem Likely to occur.

If you are prone to acid reflux, then you should avoid this position. Supine position will only make the symptoms worse. If you insist on this position, you can simply use a pillow filled the sake of lifting the head and neck as a support.

Side Lying
This position is great for preventing neck and back pain. In fact, snoring behavior that often disturbs people around you can be avoided.

Lying Prone

Lying Prone is often considered as the worst pose because it makes difficult to maintain the natural shape of your skin. It can also put pressure on the joints and muscles which then can irritate nerves. This position makes the neck is turned on for hours. The study mentioned, the position is clear potential to cause neck strain that can cause chronic pain problems in the future.


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