JAKARTA (23/08). Rumah Zakat through its volunteers continue to distribute aid for victims of fire Klender (23/08), located at Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Kp. Bulak Klender and the main post are located in front of klender village hall located at Jalan H Maisin, Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

The fire that occurred on Tuesday at 13:20 WIB burned 300 homes, so a total of 1201 people have to evacuate, currently victims of fire while accommodated in front of klender village hall.

In addition to channeling Zakat House assistance also set up warm posts and fresh post for the refugees, staple foods such as Rice, Eggs, Oil, Sugar, Infant and child equipment are also distributed.

Rifki (22) as the responsible post in the village said very grateful for the help given. “Alhamdulillah I am as the responsible post is very grateful to the Volunteers of Rumah Zakat who was very helpful to us with fresh post service and warm post, especially when the data collection of victims” Ungkapnya

Fadilah (46) one of the victims of refugees in the post was also grateful to Zakat House on fresh post and warm post “Thank You Rumah Zakat for the help. I and the people here are greatly helped by the help from Rumah Zakat.” he said.

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