ikruyokKARAWANG. Torrential rains that occurred for three days since Friday (11/11) resulted Citarung River overflowed and submerged several locations in Karawang, such as in Rt. 06 Rw. 08 Tanjung Mekar village, Karawang Barat District. There were 430 residents were affected by floods and displaced, in which 80 of them are under five aged children.

Citarung river began to overflow and submerged Tanjung Mekar Village on Sunday (13/11) with the water level reached 50 cm. On that day residents remained in their homes until the afternoon, expecting a flood would recede soon. But until evening, the water subsided and people began flocking to evacuate to a safe location. On Monday (14/11) at 3:00 pm, the water suddenly rose rapidly to a height of 2.3 meters. As a result, the whole house in Tanjung Mekar village was submerged up to the roof.

Currently the floodwaters have receded, but at some point in Tanjung Mekar village water is still high at 1.6 meters, so that citizens still survive in refugee camps.

A total of 700 people displaced in the GOR, in the mosque and some made emergency tents at the roadside. Urgent needs of the refugees are Pampers baby, fast food, food ingredients for public kitchen, clean water, medicine and medical teams.

Yesterday afternoon (11/14), 5 Volunteers RZ has departed to the location of the flood to evacuate, because there are still many people trapped in the house. Volunteers bring RZ evacuation equipment such as inflatable boats, helmet, vest, boots and paddles.
“This morning (11/14), we went back to continue the evacuation process. Insya Allah additional volunteers from Cikarang will come to assist in the evacuation and other disaster action here, “said Sandy, RZ Volunteer.

In addition to helping the evacuation, RZ Volunteers also open Warm Post in Nurul Hidayah Mosque in Rt. 06 Rw. 08 Tanjung Mekar, the post function as a refugee shelter as well. The Post serves the needs of warm water and warm drinks for the refugees. Not only that, volunteers also carried 1000 corned SuperQurban for groceries in the public kitchen.

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