postcard-exchange-cara-siswa-juara-perluas-relasiJAKARTA. On Tuesday (11/08) 20 children of 5th grade students of SD Juara Jakarta was very keen to follow the English teaching project because they will have a new friend from the Europe. This project we call “Postcards Exchange.” They will exchange postcards with their peers from Russia.

Aleksandra, Alice, Mikhail, Nazar and Nikita that some of the pen pals from Russia to send the postcard along with their work.

“The purpose of this project in addition to practice writing, also to broaden their world, hopefully it can encourage them to have big dream. “Said Jaja Fatmaja, teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Selatan

Zahran, fifth grade students were very happy to follow this project, even though the country he wants is England, the origin country of Harris J, a young Muslim singer. “Exchange postcard with Russian, I want to exchange postcard with England but that’s okay , I am happy to have new friends from other countries,” said Zahran, enthusiastically .

“This project will continue for another class, Itis expected to be carried out routinely.” Closed Jaja.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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