POSYANDU LANSIA HADIRKAN KOLABORASI BARUSOLO (5/3). Elderly Friendly Posyandu’s routine activity in ICD Mojosongo, Solo precisely in RW 36 is always visited by its members. The number of elderly in this village reach more than 100 people has caught Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat attention to hold a special routine coaching for elderly.

One form of such coaching is routine Posyandu elderly. Various activities were conducted from heart gymnastics, division Food Supplement, blood pressure measurement and counseling.

“Thank God, no less than 80% of elderly here are always diligent to come,” said Sri Wahyuningsih, one of the drivers in the ICD posyandu Mojosongo elderly friendly.

Anto, Public Health Cita Sehat Solo said that now, elderly friendly posyandu named Mekar Asri will get one of the new activities, it is Waste Clinic, where later the elderly who come with the packaging waste can be exchanged for blood sugar checks / uric acid check for free.

“Once in this region there is a trash bank activity, but had a vacuum. So hopefully with this program we can collaborate well. Elderly healthy, clean environment and community charity also waste can be active again with the creation of waste processing program, “said Anto.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu


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