BATAM. Quoted from – The second day of school after the long holiday at the end of 2017, students of SD Juara Batam, get education about values ​​of nationality of the Infantry Battalion-10 Marinir Satria Bumi Yudha, Batam, Thursday (04/01).

The concept of education by combining learning and playing enjoyed by all students of SD Juara under Rumah Zakat . Even the students asked to continue to be taught by two members of the Navy who attended. “Soldiers tomorrow come again, we play again Soldiers pack,” shouted Damares, 2nd grade of SD Juara Batam.

On this occasion, two Marines, Serka Mar Tangguh Yuwono and Pratu Mar Adi Bahrul Ulum instilled a spirit of nationalism to children with various activities. Elementary students are invited to practice line-marching, singing yells, sharing together, to train students’ intelligence and memory through games as well as fun.

With the innocence of children in attendance, not infrequently both members of this Marines release an amused smile. They also appear to be patient with children’s behavior. Nothing looks a little spooky TNI characteristic as long as they fill the educational activities of love this homeland. Instead kids seem happy with the variety of games that are presented.

On that occasion, both TNI soldiers also told how the duties of Marines, Army and Air Force in guarding the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“If there is an invader we will be opponents from the ground with weapons, by plane, and by ship,” said Pratu Mar Adi Bahrul Ulum, which was cheered by the students’ cheers.


The enthusiasm and courage of the students during this activity is acknowledged by Tangguh Yuwono as a special one. With high curiosity students will continue to feel less with the knowledge they have been given. It is a good capital that certainly gives more value for them in the future. “Very enthusiastic of them, they are also quite brave, usually there is fear,” said Yuwono.


Furthermore, Yuwono expects that the existing learning process in this school can be maintained. So that the existing generation can maintain, even bring progress for the nation of Indonesia in the future.


Meanwhile, Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin, SD Juara Batam teacher who accompanied the students admitted happy with the introduction of education conducted by members of the Marines. He hopes such activities can be held again with more marine members present.


“We will remind the children to run the message from the soldiers, we also want this activity more often because it is very beneficial for children’s mental” said Sofar.

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