PRODUK BINAAN RZ SITA PERHATIAN PKK KABUPATEN BANJARNEGARABANJARNEGARA. Prigi Village, Sigaluh District, Banjarnegara, Central Java is a village under RZ guidance which is rich of abundant local potential, some excellent products produced by women farmers group and PKK (family welfare movement) made Prigi village this year received special attention from PKK Banjarnegara district.

Through PKK Development activities, this year Prigi village received direct visit from the Vice Regent Banjarnegara, Hj. Sakinatun. Various local products under RZ guidance presented such as getuk salak, banana taro chip, opaque deplok, opak deplok, kerupuk salak, bubuk biji salak,, and various handicraft products from plastic waste.

This activity was attended by over 250 women from PKK Prigi village and invited guests, as well as a lot of the audience attended. This activity is enlivened by tek-tek art under RZ guidance and joint exercise together with PAUD Prigi.

The vice regent Banjarnegara is happy that Prigi village potential is extraordinary, which was created by the housewife in Prigi village.
“I am very pleased to be able to visit prigi village, because there are so many local potential and it is outstanding. The women are enthusiastic and many works that have been produced.” she said.

The visit takes place from 09.00 until 17.00, Vice Regent and the team also visited several hamlets in Prigi village to see other potential.

Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza

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