SUBANG. (20/09) Since May 2018 Rumah Zakat has empowered farmers in Sukamelang Empowered Village, Kasomalang District, Subang Regency through a empowered farmers program. In this September hrough the Empowered Village Facilitator Ateng Supriadi, the farmers program was able to focus on cassava farmers by opening land to grow cassava.

Land clearing and land processing was carried out on September 14-15 in the sand teak area of ​​the Bubut Mountain, Sukamelang Village, owned by one of the farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat. Later, after the land was ready, the land would be planted with yellow cassava seeds that have great potential in the market.

“In our area, this type of yellow cassava is increasingly scarce, while in particular, the best quality of the market demand for cassava is from this type of cassava, with the breakthrough of the Rumah Zakat program, it is hoped that the cassava raw material will become a priority for tape raw materials in this auction,” said Ateng Supriadi.

In this empowered farmers program, assisted farmers receive fertilizer assistance, cassava seeds, assistance in land processing costs and training and guidance in managing the farm. The farmers assisted by Rumah Zakat in this program are Ma’mur, Bana, Ukin, Uhman and Cucu.

“Alhamdulillah, getting help from Rumah Zakat can be more productive in farming, the main thing in this assistance is other than seeds, but the support for fertilizer is also because fertilizer in planting is a vital need for the development of the plant itself” Ma’mur said, one of the assisted farmers.



Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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