PURWOREJO. Thursday (08/23) One of Rumah Zakat Program in Empowered village is the Empowered Breeders program, with activities such as empowering farmers with local potential. For Kalijering village, Pituruh sub-district, Purworejo regency, the empowerment of farmers is done through manila duck cultivation or the community knows it as Enthok.

Beginning with the entrepreneurial training held by Rumah Zakat Facilitator, in building an independent Entrepreneurial mindset, starting with farmers and ending up with farmers.

This enthok cultivation training was conducted at Kalijering Village Head’s resident Mr. Kasimun and attended by Kalijering Village head, village secretary, planning director and beneficiary.

This training was guided by Ir. Sutoyo as PPL of Kalijering Fostered Area as well as resource person. The training also involved question and answer sessions and business opportunities that could be accessed by farmers including network marketing.

“We are very grateful, proud to be happy and happy because the Zakat House can attend to us farmers in this area. How come the facilitators and the zakat house come to bring in a program that is truly useful and we really need it,” said Kasimun, Head of Kalijering Village represent beneficiaries.

High appreciation was also conveyed by Ir. Sutoyo, he was very grateful to the Facilitator and Rumah Zakat because with this program could lift the economy of the farmers in Kalijering Village as well as in line with the Purworejo District agricultural service program in terms of fulfilling family nutrition as the basis for food security in Purworejo Regency.

“Hopefully this program can continue so that Kalijering Village, Pituruh District, Purworejo Regency can be known as the enthok village and the enthok center in Pituruh and Purworejo subdistricts,” he said.


Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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