program-pojok-baca-smp-juara-tingkatkan-minat-bacaPEKANBARU. Literacy in Indonesia is currently experiencing a very poor condition. International literacy research results released by the Central Connecticut State University put literate culture Indonesia entered into the order of 64 of the 65 countries studied. That means Indonesia rank second worst on the bottom of literate culture.


Indonesia lies between Qatar and pARU. It is very made heart cried when we heard it. UNESCO research results in 2011 made a study of the results of research from 1000 Indonesia only one who has an interest in reading either so if it is made into the form of a percentage of literate culture in Indonesia is around 0,001.


So Indonesia has bad culture of literacy. Office of the National Library of Indonesia noted that 90 percent of people aged over 10 years likes to watch television, but do not like to read books. This show the literacy skill of people in Indonesia is still low because the level of literacy of Indonesia students is still far behind by students from other countries. In other words, the public’s interest in reading suffered a setback.


Reality is what triggers the spirit for SMP Juara Pekanbaru creates a program called reading corner, this program aims to provide a positive effect on students in reading books. In addition the program is very beneficial because books are provided in the form of Islamic story books, textbooks.


According to the principal of SMP Juara Pekanbaru, Mr. Syahrul Padilah, “We have launched this program hopefully can have a positive effect on education and also can improve students’ reading interest ” he said.


Siska Indriyani, 9 grade students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru said, “We are very pleased with the reading corner are provided in the classroom because it can increase knowledge and broaden our knowledge.”

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