MOJOKERTO. The Rona Nusantara program from Rumah Zakat entering the 17th batch,  Rona Nusantara participants came from various regions in Indonesia. This event lasts for three days. It starts from Friday 9 November 2018 until Sunday 11 November 2018. The event that takes place feels special because it coincides with the day of the hero.

The number of participants who participated in the Rona Nusantara Program were 16 people. Perona is the name for Rona Nusantara participants, they come from various regions in Indonesia such as Bogor, Lampung, Southeast Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Wonogiri, Magetan, Probolinggo, Jember, and Malang.

Located in Kemlagi Village, Kemlagi District, Mojokerto Regency they carry out social actions. Social action that lasts for a full day begins with morning exercise with the elderly. Then it was continued with a service program for education in Special Schools and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah. Not only that, Perona was also invited to carry out the activities of the creative industry of water hyacinth crafts, to serve the environment.

Environmental services in the form of providing trash bins and providing vegetable seeds for the nutritional needs of villagers.

In the evening, Rumah Zakat together with a health facilitator from Cita Sehat Foundation Surabaya held a free health check which checks blood sugar, gout and cholesterol. Meanwhile, the activities of the patrons invited residents to watch a movie with the theme of a hero. The activity continued with a meal together, as well as the distribution of Superqurban.

Kemlagi Village is one of Rumah Zakat assisted village. Therefore Kemlagi Village was chosen as the location for the 17th Rona Nusantara Program. Mr. Fathoni, as Desa Berdaya Facilitator, said he was grateful that Rumah Zakat programs could be supported and accepted by Kemlagi Village residents.

“Another reason, because here we can also learn from community heroes, such as educational heroes, namely teachers in SLB and MI, and UMKM heroes, Mr. Suliadi who develops handicrafts from water hyacinth to economic value,” said Niko, Chief Executive of 17rh Rona Nusantara.

“Likewise with perona, they are also present-day heroes who take the time and energy to share happiness and spread kindness to others,” Niko added.

The last day activities of the perona left Kemlagi Village and headed for Trowulan for Traveling. The concept of Traveling this time also raises the theme of a hero. If in Desa Kemlagi there was Pak Suliadi as a UMKM hero, then at Trowulan the participants were invited to meet Mr. Supriyadi as a tourism hero. Pak Supriyadi is a sculpture artist who has received an upakarti award. He emphasized that Indonesia could compete with other nations, one way through culture and tourism.

Perona went around Majapahit village by using a bendi while enjoying the nuances of the houses of Majapahit in the past.

They also had the opportunity to learn to make batik handmade while coloring. Batik works that were made brought home as souvenirs. Furthermore, perona  were invited to get to know the history of Majapahit more directly at one of their sites located in the Majapahit Information Center Unit’s Office of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (BPCB). The BPCB Office of the PIM Unit is better known by the community as the Trowulan museum.

“Morning gymnastics, distributed Superqurban, going to SLB, to MI, visiting producers of handicrafts from water hyacinth, clean environment, nutrition gardens, village cinemas, eating together. Again, happiness is simple. Again, I am happy to see other people happy, “wrote Humai, participants from Bogor, on his Instagram account.

“It’s very fortunate to be able to get the chance to weave strands of yarn from great people like you. Thank you for the opportunity, experience, motivation and prayer for you. Thanking you can be part of Rona Nusantara 17, “Asti wrote, the youngest girl who is still in high school, from Magetan.

“Rona Nusantara truly provides experience and learning on how to share and use useful ways,” wrote Samsul Bahri, participants  from Lampung.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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