SUBANG, Friday (08/30). On this day the vocational school Juara MTT Subang a donation of 5 pregnant female cows from PT. Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana (AJK) Kedawung Village Kec. Pabuaran, Subang arrives.

This program is a continuation of the previous 2 years, where the school received 7 pregnant female cows. At 11.00 a truck carrying the cows arrived at the Vocational High School carrying a Heifer cow from the Brahman Cross nation, while the five breeders had different colors from brown striped to white with black spots. All of them are around 2 years old and weigh from 394 kg to 562 kg. All breeders are pregnant (first time pregnant) aged from 5 months to 8 months.

Now the five cows are the responsibility of the MTT Juara Vocational School where the handover of these cows is signed in an agreement as the first party of the Feedlot Manager of PT. Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana namely Mr. Dadang Daryaman, S.Pt who submitted it and the second party who received it was Mr. Ipik Taufiq Ismail, S.Pt as the School Principal. And as a health examiner and field coordinator, namely Drh. Andi Rahayu with Mas Saeful.

“Alhamdulillah, we say as much as possible to PT. Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana (AJK) who has entrusted this program to the Vocational School Juara MTT Subang. Hopefully, this program can run smoothly and can continue for the future.” Said Mr. Ipik.


Tita Sugihartati / Hanaa Afifah

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