RIAU. After 2016, Pak Samsudin, Rumah Zakat volunteers together with his group successfully inspired citizens to gardening chili in the yard of the house with income millions of dollars. This time Rumah Zakat resumed the program to the residents of Dakak Sepakat, the village of Berdaya Kepenuhan Barat Mulia.

Sunday, (09/07) Pak Toni and his wife started the work of chili pepper into polybags, which after 2 weeks had just been transferred to the previously prepared chilli garden. And if the good run of chili seeds that amounted to more than 1000 polybag we will partially share to the surrounding residents who are interested in chilli gardening in the yard of the house or in pots.

With good care and sufficient water availability, Mr. Toni believes his caben business will work. The 200 square meters of land that will be planted by Toni is targeted to benefit millions of rupiah and Pak Toni plans to plant chilli in a sustainable manner. Do not forget Mr. Toni to thank the House of Zakat for the help of seeds, polybags and operational costs, hopefully we can berinfak of our business benefits later, so said Toni pack.

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