PROGRAM SHARING HAPPINESS PERLEBAR JENDELA DUNIA SD JUARA PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. Books are a window to the world. Diligently read the book then we can increase knowledge and also expand our view of things, can see the world from behind the sheets of paper. Reading can also be the way a person changes, determine a decision and be able to characterize a nation. Craze read certainly needed to be built from an early age to enrich knowledge that later can become the next generation that is useful, creative and insightful.

One of the facilities for children who love to read is library. Library is a means for students to broaden knowledge, both religious studies and general science. Library is usually a media that always exist in every school likewise in SD Juara Pekanbaru.

SD Juara Pekanbaru has minimalist library, either from the chambers and the book collection. Collection of books in the library can be read students at school and taken to the house with by filling of borrowing form. The students have quite good interest in reading. They are always queued and enthusiastic when the recess bell rang to immediately go to the library, either for reading or return books borrowed.

But the books are available in libraries of SD Juara Pekanbaru is still modest and insufficient to meet the interests of students and attract more students to support their desire to read. A large collection of books are almost all already been read by students. Therefore, it would be better provided more new books for the students, so the enthusiasm and interest of the students to open the window of the world can be met.

Alhamdulillah, through RZ donators who have concern for the science helped SD Juara Pekanbaru to meet their expectations. Assistance will involve the provision of books and reading table for children. The books were given are various, ranging from science books, science of religion, and story books are certainly interesting to be read by children.

“It is nice because, we were given a lot of books, there will be a lot of books that can be read so as to increase our knowledge. Thanks to donators rewarded hopefully reward by Allah SWT. “Said Wildfire one second grade students

” Alhamdulillah at that time student of SD Juara Pekanbaru were excited to read a book from Sharing Happiness donator. Hopefully, this can encourage student to read more. We believe that the books and the habit of reading books is important factor in supporting the success. Plus the student here is the children receiving donations so it is difficult for them to have a book. “Said Mr. Bayu as Vice Principal of Student Affairs.

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