PROGRAM SYIAR QUR'AN RZ APOK MAKIN SEMANGAT MENGAJIILWAKI. Apok is one of the children who live in Wetar Island, precisely in Ilwaki district. Wetar Island is one of the outer islands are located in the southeast of the southern Indonesia, bordering Timor Leste. In Ilwaki district live a few Muslims who number less than 60 people.

Apok (8) which is also Ilwaki elementary school student has not been able to read the Qur’an. Apok and friends of his age has difficulties to leran Quran because there are no mosques, and also there is no Ustadz or a special teacher Koran.

During this time, their Quran teacher is only the Armies that are currently stationed at Pulau Wetar. In between the task of safeguarding the country’s borders the armies teach Quran to Apok and friends. so it is natural that the teaching is not optimal because the limitation of time and also knowledge.

“Apok and friends learn Quran with modest conditions. They just have some small old writings Qur’an and there is no Iqro for a new start to learn to read the Qur’an.

“When RZ volunteers brought Qur’an and Iqro Apok and friends was very happy” Said Ria Arianti.

They got a new Quran with clear letter and have a different color in each tajwidnya. The thing make them very happy is Iqro book.

Alhamdulillah, now Apok and his friends is more enthisiastic to learn Quran. RZ Syiar Qur’an program has helped Indonesian Muslim children to learn and love the Qur’an. Help from the nearest ones to the Archipelago.


Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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