BALIKPAPAN. Sunday (28/05) The long journey and the rain that falls in the city of Balikpapan didn’t lower spirit Rumah Zakat’s Volunteers to hold Syiar Quran Program, share the Quran and Iqro in the month of Ramadan. The two places that were destined for the distribution of Quran and Iqro were Pondok Tahfidz Darul Farhana on Jl. Sultan Hasanudin, Kariangau, West Balikpapan and Muhajirin Mosque in Kariangau area, North Balikpapan.

Ustadz Tito, coach of Pondok Tahfidz Darul Farhana welcomed the Volunteers with enthusiasm and was grateful to be the place of Syiar Quran distribution program. “Hopefully what has been given by the Rumah zakat will be replaced by Allah azza wa jalla aamiin,” he said.

The Arrival of Rumah Zakat’s Volunteers at Masjid Muhajirin was greeted by some of Tahfidz students who was studying with Ustadz Fakih.

Ustadz Fakih has the message for us, “Hopefully positive activities like this can continue to be implemented. Not only in the month of Ramadan may be outside the month of Ramadan we can get used to sharing, and helping each other in everyday, “he hoped.

According to him, the santri are not only required to be active in teaching and learning process at Masjid Al-Muhajirin, but also expected to contribute real in the life of society.

“So hopefully will be formed graduates Tahfidz Al-Quran quality, character, virtuous, and competitive. In order to advance our nation, “he said.

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