LEBAK. Rabu (21/06) Rumah Zakat distributed 10 packages of Syiar Quran to TPA Al-Barokah, Kp. Central Polotot, Desa Sukaraja, Malingping District, Lebak District.

TPA Al-Barokah was founded by Ma Cicih since 2005. Ma Cicih is a resident of the village. “I am concerned, no one teaches Quran to the children here, although there is a place to study but in the next village,” Ma Cicih said.

There is no special place for TPA Al-Barokah. Ma Cicih used her living room of her house to serve as a place for learning Quran for children. There are about 27 children from kindergarten to high school who study at TPA Al-Barokah. Most children are poor so there is no fee or special fee to study here.

“Ma Cicih, I want to bring Iqro to my house?” Febri (5 th) said when Iqro and Quran are stored in the TPA not to be bought.

“Thank you for Quran and Iqronya from Rumah Zakat, hopefully more children will learn Qu’an in this TPA,” said Ma Cicih to volunteer team of Rumah Zakat.

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