INDRAMAYU. Monday (27/11/2017), Facilitator of Rumah Zakat synergized with ZIS Indosat in Tegalurung Village Kec. Balongan visited one of the beneficiary named Mrs. Sairoh commonly called familiar Ma Iyoh, the beneficiary of Culinary Warung Program.

Culinary Warung Program is a program result of the initiation of Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat to provide culinary stalls that are very distinctive from Indramayu area such as pedesan entog, endas manyung, and many others.

Ma Iyoh culinary shop located in Sampit block RT 008 / RW 002, Tegolderung Village has been pioneered dozens of years ago and became the only business to support her 6 children, although now all the children are married, Ma Iyoh must still run its business because since 5 years ago her husband died.

Every day due to limited capital, Ma Iyoh usually owe the ingredients of vegetables and so on in the morning. Then, in the afternoon after his merchandise runs out he can pay the loan. Now that he has been given capital assistance Ma Iyoh is not in debt anymore, but he usually goes to market

The Empowered Village Facilitator hopes that this program will help Ma Iyoh improve and develop his business.

“Alhamdulillah, since I got business capital from Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat, I can buy some equipment such as glasses and plates, and also the capital to buy materials for cooking, so I do not owe any more to the vegetable stalls, and my shop is also so good after paint “Ibu Sairoh (56 yrs)

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