Education plays an important role in the progress of a nation because education can change lives and break the cycle of poverty. Based on recent data from UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Indonesia arguably succeeded in carrying out the second goal of MDGs, namely ensuring that all children receive a primary education. Additionally in 2012, the government has issued 12 years compulsory education program so that the children must complete a minimum education up to junior level.

With Senyum Juara program, RZ is committed to the improvement of education quality that include categories of beneficiaries: students, infrastructure, and teachers who are qualified in accordance with the purpose of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which ensures that all Indonesian children completing primary and secondary education for free, equitable and quality that lead to relevant and effective learning.



Beasiswa anak JuaraBeasiswa Anak Juara is a scholarship program intended ease the cost of education of underprivileged children so that these children can get support facilities for completing compulsory education.  With this program the beneficiaries are expected to continue their education to a higher level. Additionally RZ also facilitates foster children with mentoring, which is designed to accommodate children in gaining formal education in schools and religious materials.

Donation for each level:

  • SD: Rp 155.000
  • Junior: Rp 180.000
  • High School: Rp 205,000
  • College Students: Rp 500.000





Beasiswa sekolah juaraBeasiswa Sekolah Juara is a scholarship program intended for students who are registered as students of Sekolah Juara, with this scholarship Students obtain all school facilities for free ranging from educational facilities, quality learning, outing and any other educational activities. By using multiple intelligence approach, and the application of core values which is a program to shape the character of students, the beneficiaries of this program are expected to have religious character and can prepare them self as a champion.

Donation for each level:

  • Elementary: Rp 375.000
  • Junior High School: Rp 450.000
  • High School: Rp 1.000.000





Sekolah juara (free school) is a school construction program for children from underprivileged families, this program allows students to have safe and comfortable School buildings and free of charge.


  • Retail: Rp 255,000
  • Full: Customized





Guru JuaraA program to provide assistances for rural teachers by increasing the competency / knowledge of teacher, supporting facilities and infrastructure in teaching activities, with this program the teacher will receive training to increase competency, teaching facilities and economic aid. The teachers who receive this assistance are expected to bring quality education to students in rural areas, so the equalization of quality education can be achieved.

Donation : Rp 250.000





MObil JUaraA program to procure learning media in the form of vehicle designed for mobile and can present attractive learning atmosphere. Mobil Juara accompanied with books, audio-visual equipment, and computers connected to the Internet so as to accommodate school- aged children to learn using modern and attractive facilities.

Donation: Customized




A program to provide assistance for rural schools, this program seeks to bring educational facilities for the provision of sports equipment, books, lab equipment and / or renovation of schools.

Donation: Rp 100.000

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