Clean water, sanitation, and waste is a global environmental issue faced by every country, including Indonesia. Broadly speaking, Indonesia has reached 84% of people with access to improved water sources but the distribution is not evenly, access in rural areas is lower than in urban areas including poor people also have difficulty in accessing clean water, Unicef also estimate that 1,000 children under five die every day from diarrheal diseases associated with a lack of clean water and sanitation and inadequate hygiene.

Through Senyum Lestari program, a program focused on environment issues, RZ is committed to improve Environment quality and Reduce social problems related to the environment, especially water, sanitation and Hygiene, RZ working in hundreds of the target area (ICD) to improve access to clean water needs , sanitation facilities and hygiene by rolling several programs as follows:




SHARING HAPPINESS, RZ BANTU WUJUDKAN FASILITAS SANITASI UNTUK PAK PURWANTOChanging health behavior through health empowerment by involving community participation, through assistance of care community sanitation, education of sanitation, access to clean water and latrines is expected that sanitation independence post can be a solution to the problem of the lack of good sanitation in the disadvantaged communities and provide opportunity for every family to has a good sanitation independently based on society.

Donation : Rp.370.000



Water is the source of life, but when the water is unsafe and poor sanitation, the water can be turned into a source of disease. Through the program, water well and water for life, RZ provide access to water and public sanitation in the target area.

Water well

Water WellProgram provision of clean water and public sanitation in RZ’s ICD (Integrated Community Development) as supporting the implementation of hygienic behavior in residents area

Donation : Rp. 90.000.000 / Water well

Water for Life

A program of distribution services of clean water for the community in disaster areas or drought prone area

Donation Program:

  • Retail : Rp. 3000 / liter
  • Full : RP. 1,320,000



Bank SampahA community development activities based on waste management in an environment where people lives, through Trash Bank RZ works to educate the public on waste management, to facilitate the community in setting up a trash bank and set up a waste treatment facility, through this program it calls into solutions in tackling the problem of waste in the environment as well as to empower the community.

Donation : Rp. 120,000,000

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