Sebar Bahagia Ramadhan

Ramadhan is month of blessing,The month that awaited by all Muslims, All Muslims around the world celebrate it with happiness as the Prophet welcomes Ramadan with joy because Ramadan has the privilege than others month. in the special month.

In this special month, there are a lot of kindness we can do because the momentum of fasting in Ramadan is a medium of education for Muslims to practice empathy and sharing. Therefore RZ facilitates donators to Share in the month of Ramadan with a variety of programs such as iftar, Eid Gift for orphan, Eid Gifts for underprivileged family and syiar Quran.


Ifthar Package

1. Berbagi Buka PuasaComplete meal package for ifthar which is distributed in ICD (Integrated Community Development) or Non ICD Areas consist of RZ’s empowerment member and/or the needy.
Price : Rp35.000

Advantages :
-Feeding a fasting person is equal to the reward of the fasting person
– Right on target
– Complete menu and Nutritious
– Hygienic



Eid Gift for Orphan (KLY)
Kreativa - 170312. klyA gift package for orphan. and underprivileged.
Price: Rp 310.000



KLY Advantages:

– The target of program is orphans and underprivileged children.
– packets content can be used by them for a long time
– distribution area is from Aceh to Papua





Eid Gift for the Needy (BLK)
3. BLKA parcel package containing paraphernalia of praying and foodstuff for the underprivileged family and people with profession like : veteran, Railway guard temporary employee Etc.


Price: Rp 360.000

BLK Advantages :

– The target of program is disadvantaged families
– The parcel distributed during Ramadan, Help to ease needs of underprivileged families
– distribution area is from Aceh to Papua




Syiar Quran
3. SYIAR QURANDistribution of Quran and Iqro distributed in ICD (Integrated Community Development) or Non ICD Area, especially to the area that prone to aqidah silting


Price: Rp 170.000

SQ Advantages :
– As a medium for spreading the values of the Quran
– Reaching minus regions
– Complete with translations and the letters are easy to read







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