Ramadhan is month of blessing, the month that awaited by all Muslims, All Muslims around the world celebrate it with happiness as the Prophet welcomes Ramadan with joy because Ramadan has the privilege than others month. in the special month.

In this special month, there are a lot of kindness we can do because the momentum of fasting in Ramadan is a medium of education for Muslims to practice empathy and sharing. Therefore Rumah Zakat facilitates donators to share in the month of Ramadan with a variety of programs such as Iftar, Eid Gift for orphan, Eid Gifts for underprivileged family, Syiar Quran, Empowered Widow, Ramadan Debt-Free.

Donation Rp35.000
Multiply reward with Ifthar Package Sharing with those in need. The full meal package for breaking the fast becomes a special dish for them.
Eid Gift For Ophans 
Donation Rp310.000
Share Eid Gift for Orphan to bring happiness for orphans and underprivileged children. The gift contains of food packages, milk, and school equipments for children.
Family Eid Gift 
Donation Rp360.000
Bring smile for the underprivileged family with the Family Eid Gift. The parcel contains of package of staple food, sarong and hijab.
Syiar Quran (SQ)
Donation Rp170.000
Syiar Quran Program distributes Al Quran and Iqro to Empowered Village (Rumah Zakat Assisted Village) and various other regions in Indonesia. Let’s make more and more citizens feel the beauty of reading and reviewing the Quran.
Debt – Free
Free Donation
Providing debt relief aid for poor families who have difficulty in paying their debt, the main priority of the relief is the debt for education and health costs.
Empowered Widow
Donation Rp550.000
Empower the widows who are the breadwinners, with the Empowered Widow program. The program consists of food and cash assistance to support the family’s livelihood.
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