In connection with derivative of UN’s MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Goal no 3 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), namely (Good Health and Well Being) which ensure the health and well-being for all at any stage of life and also Goal no 2 SDGs (Zero hunger) to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition in 2030, RZ works to realize such goals through Senyum Sehat.

Senyum Sehat is a public health quality improvement program based on an individual, communal, non-governmental. The realization of the program is in the form of Mass Circumcision, Free Ambulance, Health Action, Medical Assistance, Nutrient Garden, Free Clinic, etc. The program is also actively cooperating with various agencies to work together, as corporations and also other institutions.



It is one form of Community-based Health Efforts (UKBM) carried out by, from and with the community, to empower and provide facilities for the community to obtain health services for mothers, infants and toddlers.

The purpose of this program is to support the acceleration to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Under-five Child Mortality Rate (AKABA) in Indonesia through community empowerment efforts.

Program Donation: 200,000




It is an approach to change hygienic and sanitary community behavior through community empowerment by triggering. The aim is to change the behavior of the people in order to improve the health status of the community in the Assisted  Village.


This program will provide clean water sanitation facilities for residents in the community

Improve the health of citizens through sanitation and clean water facilities.

Program Donation:



It is a place for the elderly, which has been agreed and driven by the community where they can get health services.


This Elderly Friendly Program will provide health services to the elderly including health counseling, metabolic checks, health checks and elderly gymnastics.

Program Donation: 575,000







A plantation with the concept of plants being planted has nutritional value for humans. This program uses land as access to family nutrition. The hope is that with this program more and more people can consume nutritious food (minimum of vegetables & fruits).


Program Donation: 315,000.








Health assistance program for members of Rumah Zakat’s RBG (Free Maternity House) clinic, this program is given to underprivileged families who have limited access to health, later beneficiaries will get health insurance, assistance, and transportation fees.


Program Donation: 215,000




jkgA program to provide free circumcision for underprivileged children.

Donation :

  • Individual: Rp 680,000
  • Joint Venture: Rp. 230,000
  • Mass: Rp. 4,600,000

Target Beneficiaries: Underprivileged children who need circumcision service.



Ambulan GratisA program to procure ambulance facilities that provide delivery service for patient / bodies free of charge to people in need.


  • Rejuvenation: Rp 150.000
  • Operational fleet: Rp 300.000

Target Beneficiaries: People who need emergency assistance to be transferred to the health care center.

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