In connection with derivative of UN’s MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Goal no 3 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), namely (Good Health and Well Being) which ensure the health and well-being for all at any stage of life and also Goal no 2 SDGs (Zero hunger) to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition in 2030, RZ works to realize such goals through Senyum Sehat.

Senyum Sehat is a public health quality improvement program based on an individual, communal, non-governmental. The realization of the program is in the form of Mass Circumcision, Free Ambulance, Health Action, Medical Assistance, Nutrient Garden, Free Clinic, etc. The program is also actively cooperating with various agencies to work together, as corporations and also other institutions.



jkgA program to provide free circumcision for underprivileged children.

Donation :

  • Individual: Rp 680,000
  • Joint Venture: Rp. 230,000
  • Mass: Rp. 4,600,000

Target Beneficiaries: Underprivileged children who need circumcision service.



RZ CILEGON SALURKAN BANTUAN KESEHATAN UNTUK LAURA ANJANIDirect aid distribution program, which funds distributed to beneficiaries in the form of cash to meet health needs.

Donation :

  • Java & Sumatra: Rp 7,000,000
  • Sulawesi and Papua: Rp 8,500,000

Target Beneficiaries: The poor who need medical assistance in cash to meet their health needs.



Ambulan GratisA program to procure ambulance facilities that provide delivery service for patient / bodies free of charge to people in need.


  • Rejuvenation: Rp 150.000
  • Operational fleet: Rp 300.000

Target Beneficiaries: People who need emergency assistance to be transferred to the health care center.


Klinik GratisA program to provide operational cost for maternity clinic (RBG) for free that provide general medical services,  maternal and child health, family planning and maternity services free of charge and also helps to pay BPJS for disadvantaged communities and / or help with ease of access to health facilities designated at the nearest location of underprivileged community.

Donation : Customized




KEbun GIziCommunity-based programs as an effort to meet the needs of eating fruits and vegetables in the community by using home yard as well as other media.

Donation Program: Rp 380,000

Target Beneficiaries: People who are lacking the nutritional needs of fruit and vegetable.

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