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Bencana & Kemanusiaan

Throughout 2018, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) recorded 1,999 disasters in Indonesia. The impact caused by the disaster was reported to be enormous.
3,548 people were recorded as dead and missing, 13,112 people were injured, 3.06 million people were displaced and affected by the disaster, 339,969 houses were severely damaged, 7,810 houses were moderately damaged, 20,608 houses were slightly damaged, and thousands of public facilities were damaged.

Rumah Zakat participates in responding to disasters at almost all disaster points through various actions, ranging from evacuation, distribution of food aid, health services, psychosocial services to various post-disaster recovery programs.


Disaster Emergency Response
Public Kitchen
Emergency mosque: 1 unit
Emergency MCK in Huntara: 4 units
Emergency school: grade 6
Disaster health alert: 100 beneficiaries
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Cleaning kit: 100 packages
Family kits: 100 packs
Huntara: 1 room
Kitchen sets: 10 sets
School kits: 100 packs
Disaster Resilient Village
Disaster preparedness simulation
Evacuation Route SignpostDisaster Preparedness Counseling