LOMBOK. Deep grief is still felt by residents affected by the earthquake that occurred in Lombok. They still need a lot of assistance to fulfill their daily needs. The help we provide is a very extraordinary happiness for them.

In this November Rumah Zakat together with the zakat institution infaq sadaqah PT. Syariah Jamkrindo along with directors, employees, Agent partners and Brokers from PT. Jamkrindo Syariah distributes food aid. To help alleviate the food needs of residents affected by the earthquake in Lombok, both of them collaborated in superqurban distribution program.

Superqurban is a qurban optimization program by processing and packing qurbani meat into corned beef. Processing of qurban meat into corned beef is an effort of Rumah Zakat to make the benefits of worship more meaningful.

The target of the distribution of this superqurban program is by distributing superqurban cornet to the people in need in all corners of Indonesia, to conflict areas and affected areas such as Lombok.

Together with the zakat institution infaq sadaqah PT. Jamkrindo Syariah, Rumah Zakat has managed to distribute 2275 cans of corned Superqurban to several disater locations in Lombok. On November 5, 2018 the location of was Gubuk Timur Hamlet, Poh Gading Village, Kec. Pringgabaya received 758 Superqurban, and the second in Memben Lauk Hamlet, Wanasaba Village, Kec. Wanasaba is 758 Superqurban. Continued on November 6, 2018 the location of distribution was in Bawak Hamlet, Sajang Village, Kec. Sembalun as many as 759 Superqurban were distributed.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for feeling helped by this program. “I express my gratitude to ZIS Jamkrindo Syariah and all donators who have helped. May it become a worship service,” Sugeng said, one of the beneficiaries.

Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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