lagi-pt-kalimantan-jawa-gas-gelar-layanan-kesehatan-gratisSEMARANG. PT. Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG) and RZ held a free health service along with free supplementary food for infants and the elderly on Monday (19/11). The activity was held at RW 11 Hall Kel. Tanjungmas, Semarang.

The time needed to get to the site of action took about 15 minutes drive from RZ ‘s RBG Semarang. The location of activities that take place from 09.00 to 12.00 is adjacent to Tanjungmas Port area, Semarang.

Related health conditions of the people there, most people suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is a chronic condition in which the blood pressure in the artery walls increases. It can be caused due to some habits of local communities who consume lots of salt, drinking coffee, and rarely doing exercise, people in Tanjungmas village majority work as laborers and merchants.

Health Care and Feeding for Toddlers and Elderly with PT. Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG) have appreciated by Tanjungmas village community because the service was excellent. In addition residents feel comfortable with a given drug. The number of beneficiaries (PM) on the action this time is 159 and 354 beneficiary of service benefit. Is expected for the future, more and more people are feeling the benefits of this free screening services.

In addition to free medical care, public health education was also given education regarding PHBs (for Clean and Healthy) in the activities of Health Care and Feeding for Toddlers and Elderly with PT. Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG). The supplementary feeding given to toddlers is mung bean porridge, fruit and rice for the elderly.

Newsroom/Putri Mariana Sari

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