CIMAHI.  (Rumah Zakat and PT Paragon & Innovation Technology launch Elementary Schools for underprivileged children named ‘SD Juara Paragon Cimahi’. The elementary school which is built by Rumah Zakat receives full support from PT Paragon’s CSR program & Innovation Technology.

According to Suci PT Paragon Technological & Innovation Public Relations, this collaboration is one form of PT Paragon’s concern for advancing Indonesian education.

“PT Paragon has several CSR programs, one of which is in the field of education, for the implementation of education in collaboration with Rumah Zakat in Juara elementary school program, Alhamdulilah this second school that we support after SD Juara in North Jakarta, “Suci said.

In the Launching event held at SD Cimahi Champion on Thursday (09/05), Paragon also gave a good appreciation to the school for the extraordinary welcome made at the launching event.

“This event is extraordinary, we are very proud of the elementary school children they have very diverse talents, and this gives us energy how we all have a role to support the nation’s education, “Suci added.

In this series of launching events, there were also orphaned Eid Gift gifts for the students. This Eid gift also supported by PT Paragon, this activity made the event even more festive.

In addition to PT Paragon, students, parents of students and surrounding community leaders, Dadan Hidayat, Melong Village Chief also expressed his appreciation for the inauguration Sekolah Juara because it was in accordance with the vision of Cimahi city.

“Alhamdulillah this is extraordinary besides supporting the mission of the city of cimahi, which is religious, advanced, and cultured, SD Juara cimahi is the first school in cimahi to be like this.

“Thanks to PT Paragon for the CSR, we hope that it will be more advanced, and hope that Sekolah Juara can be present in other districts,” he said.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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