BANDAR LAMPUNG. (11/10) PT. Pertamina (Persero) Depot LPG Panjang distributed corporate CSR funds to long-term urban communities, which is ring 1 of PT.Pertamina (Persero) Long LPG Depot. The program was rolled out in the form of community empowerment programs consisting of Business Capital Assistance for SMEs, Youth Development, Greening of Tree Crops, Waste Banks and Health Facilities and Facilities Assistance for POSKESKEL Panjang Utara.

This program has been launched on Tuesday 02 October 2018, follow up on the lounching of CSR PT. Pertamina (Persero) Long LPG Depot, Thursday (11/10) PT. Pertamina distributes facilities and medical devices for POSKESKEL Panjang Utara.

The distribution of health facilities and facilities was attended by Mr. Fadhil representing PT. Pertamina (Persero) Long LPG Depot, Mr. Sulaiman as BM Zakat House Lampung Branch, Mr. Supriyadi as Lurah Panjang Utara, Buk Ning Fendi chairman of North Panjang Poskeskel, midwife Irma Ajie as a Poskeskel midwife and Zakat House staff and volunteers.

“Aid for health facilities and facilities for POSKESKEL Panjang utara is a CSR fund from PT. Pertamina (Persero) Long LPG Depot, in 2018 PT.

Pertamina in collaboration with Rumah Zakat in accompanying the process of distributing our CSR funds, hopefully this assistance can be utilized as well as possible in order to provide the best service for the people of Lampung, especially Panjang utara community, “said Mr. Ahmad Fadhil.

Mr. Supriyadi as the head of Panjang utara village as well as Poskeskel advisory board expressed his gratitude to Pertamina and Rumah Zakat for distributing aid to Panjang utara community in the form of health facilities.

“We accept it with pleasure and we pray that PT. Pertamina (Persero is getting better and more successful so that it can provide more assistance to the people of Lampung, especially Panjang Utara Village, “he said.

“It’s very nice that we received assistance from PT. Pertamina (Persero), we feel lucky and hopefully we can use this facility as well as possible to be able to serve Panjang Utara community” Add Irma Ajie as midwife at POSKESKEL Panjang Utara.

As for the assistance of POSKESKEL facilities and facilities in the form of renovation of health post offices, health care supporting facilities such as chairs, tables and equipment of the post office health office and medical devices that serve to support the best services for Panjang utara community in obtaining health services.

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