PT PERTAMINA REGION III DAN RZ BERI BANTUAN USAHA UNTUK PEDAGANG KECILCILEGON. In order to alleviate poverty in Indonesia, RZ as the agency moves to empower the community, ON August 18, was channeling Entrepreneurial assistance to the members Project PT Pertamina’s Region III. Besides Entrepreneurial assistance, the members also get assistance in running the business.

A total of 10 merchants who came from Gerem Gerogol village get capital support from RZ Cilegon, they are Mrs. Hesti fruit juice seller, Mrs. Sumiyati chips seller(dry food), and Mrs. Imas gado-gado seller.

Tenth beneficiaries receive capital assistance has previously been surveyed by team of PT. Pertamina’s Region III and to the implementation of the program entrusted to RZ Cilegon. In May before the beneficiaries get business facilities such as carts, storefronts, stove etc.

As for the delivery of capital assistance this time conducted in RZ Cilegon office which is located at Jl. Lt. Suprapto No. 25 G Ramanuju, Cilegon. “Besides providing Entrepreneurial assistance was also given an understanding of entrepreneurship such as how to give excellence service to customer”, According to Humaedi empowerment facilitator from RZ Cilegon who met on the sidelines of the event.

“Besides good service to consumers, another matter should be considered is a good way of presenting products.” Continued Humaedi.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Arwana claimed to feel helped with the venture capital assistance program which she received. Woman, a single parent who sells banana chips has been more than five years also hopes that with this help she can increase her revenue in the future.

” Alhamdulillah, thank you so much to PT Pertamina Region III and RZ with this help I find it helpful to buy raw materials and increase the maximum effort, hopefully the business run well and can increase my monthly income,” She hoped.


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