PEKANBARU. Fasting habits are implanted early in SMP Juara Pekanbaru, not only obligatory fasting but also sunnah fasting. In addition to instill the habit of sunnah fasting SMP Juara Pekanbaru was also held a iftar event that was greeted enthusiastically by the students.

As well as on (03/08) looks crowded students come to school after at 15.00 pm go home first. They prepare for an iftar event together after a day of fasting sunnah. Students who follow this sunnah fasting amounted to 82 students from all classes. The iftar began with reading Al Matsurat, followed by the delivery of some Islamic motivation by Mr. Imam Faisal.

Toward the opening with Mr. Adi Hamdani also had a dialogue about sunnah fasting. There are among the students of the seventh grade already familiar with the sunnah fasting. David for example, in 7th grade David has been fasting 8 times, eighth grade increased to 12 times, and 9th grade now David says want more.

“In this 9th grade I want to do more sunnah fasting, I enjoy it. And because I’ll carry out the UN I must do lots of worships as well. ” said David.

“Thank God to the donors who have facilitated the activities today, may the sustenance is more abundant and full of blessings, the children are very happy with the activity of this Jum’at Expression,” said Syahrul Padilah, principle of SMP Juara Pekanbaru. This activity will continue to be implemented, and hopefully become the trigger of students to be closer, and make fasting sunnah as habit.


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