CIMAHI. Wednesday (12/12). In collaboration with the Puskesmas Melong Village, SD Juara conducted a fitness test for 4th and 5th grade. The fitness test was conducted at the Melong Green Garden field. Accompanied by a teacher and two health teams from the Melong Village Health Center, the test was conducted starting at 07.30 WIB.

Together with students from three other schools in the Melong village, children marched to prepare for the test. One way to measure fitness level is by measuring the pulse before and after physical activity.


Children also take measurements of each pulse before carrying out a physical activity. Physical activity carried out is to run around the field three rounds. When doing running activities, the physical abilities of the children also appear. There are differences in children who can do physical activities / sports and who never or rarely.


After doing the running activity, then each of them measures his pulse again. The measurement results were carried out by the Puskesmas health team for analysis. “Alhamdulillah, with the help of the Puskesmas, so I can trace the fitness of students. The result is that most of the students have quite good levels of fitness. One of the students had a disorder because he did have a history of atsma, “said Hari Mustika, teacher .


“Hopefully through this activity, children will realize that it is important to always keep in shape with exercise, eating well and getting enough rest,” Hari added.



Jajang Sudarsa / Abdullah Tsabit

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