RZ LDKO CilegonCILEGON. Putri Ani or Putri is Anak Juara (beneficiary of scholarship assistance) from Cilegon. Putri was born in Serang on October 1st, 2001. 5 years ago, her father passed away because of stroke. At that she was registered to become Anak Juara of RZ.

Now, Putri is a second grade secondary student of SMPN 12 Serang. At school, she is known as a diligent, smart, and discipline student. She is always achieved the first rank at class. she also is sometimes entrusted to represent her school in competitions.

Recently, Putri represented her school in Story Telling Contest for secondary students in Serang held by local government in Griya Pena Hall of Radar Banten, Wednesday (22/04). In this opportunity, she won the competition and brought a trophy for school.

Putri loves mathematic. She said that she wants to be an archaeologist someday. In addition, she also participates in some extracurricular class such as Red Cross for Teen and School Organization. ***

Newsroom/Arif Syarifudin

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