SUMEDANG. Boisterousness happened at the Ar-Rohman TPA when Rumah Zakat Volunteers came there on Friday, (06/16). A total of 20 children of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school surrounded the volunteers who brought Syiar Quran Package. “Brother, I want one,” says the little girl named Vera (5 Years Old).

Ar-Rohman landfill is located in Cibugel Village, Cibugel Subdistrict, Sumedang District. TPA was founded by Dedih Suryadi with his wife since 1992. “We build TPA to facilitate the children of Cibugel Village learn to read and write Quran. My wife teaches the children” Dedih said.

In addition read and write Quran, students of TPA Ar-Rohman also learn to memorize Quran. So it is not surprising, when the volunteers came, one by one santri show their Quran recitation. “I want to Recite Quran, Sister,” said a boy named Teguh (8 th) whose father is a fried seller. And smoothly, he read Al-A’la’s letter.

After Teguh, another child named Ardi (7 th) who is a junk boy was immediately sitting in front of the Volunteer and conveyed his desire in reciting Surah An-Naba. “I want to memorize Quran right in junior high school later,” said Ardi.

TPA Ar-Rohman is very pleased with the Quran and Iqro they received from Rumah Zakat. Simultaneously, they opened Quran and commented on each other.

“The Quran is nice” said a child.

“Quran is colorful” commented the other child.

Hopefully with the Quran and the new Iqro from you, santri TPA Ar-Rohman more enthusiasm and their aspirations to become a hafidz can be achieved.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti


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