BANDUNG. Monday (9/11), Cita Sehat as Rumah Zakat partner in the field of health again held Elderly Friendly (Ramah Lansia) Activities in the target area of RW 05 Sukagalih Sub-District, Sukajadi Sub-District, Bandung City on Monday (11/9). In the event, the team Cita Sehat have the slogan “Let’s Come to Posbindu”.

“Posbindu is one of the means for the elderly. Where they can conduct health checks, and add knowledge about health, “said Fadhli, Public Health Cita Sehat Bandung.

Posbindu considered important as an effort in improving the health status of the elderly. Especially in this Sukajadi area, empowerment activities elderly have got full support from the District.

In these activities, Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat provide tension check facility, blood type check, and body metabolic check. A total of 120 elderly are present in the event. Not to forget, after doing the examination, elderly also reminded to the routine to visit Posbindu.

“Support from Rumah Zakat very benefits. Hopefully, this synergy can build a prosperous and happy society, said Mami, representative of Sukajadi Sub-district.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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