LOMBOK. These are two volunteer of Rumah Zakat from Semarang Ranum Estee Putri Perdani (25) and Hilfa Azmi Syahidah (24) always seen together. Apparently, they were assigned since August 18, 2018 to jointly help the Lombok earthquake victims and be paired in every action.

Ranum and Hilfa themselves each felt complementary in their position as volunteers. “As a team, Hilfa is a medical officer and I am a trauma healing team,” Ranum said.

In addition to reducing the fear of refugees, especially children while in school and fostering self-confidence, they also train and educate healthy living behavior after the earthquake. These two different scientific bases make them more complete when volunteering or in everyday life.

“We not only partner in volunteers, but even in our daily lives we are often together. We discuss everything and communicate together during friendship and teaming, especially when on duty,”added Ranum.

The same thing was expressed by Hilfa, she felt that the difference in science background actually made them need each other especially when dealing with the victims of the Lombok earthquake disaster.

“It is precisely the difference in background of science that makes us assigned together, so yes we are indeed a package”, Hilfa said with a laugh.

When asked about the condition of the refugees, they both answered that the disease began to spread due to unhealthy air. Diarrhea, cough, runny nose, and itchy skin disease have started to be felt by the people because of the lack of water supply in some places they have visited.

But even though conditions in Lombok have not been completely normal, they advised that citizens should not be afraid to come.

“Because with the arrival of other people who will help or just visit Lombok, it becomes their spirit to immediately get up and reorganize their lives,” Ranum said.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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