rasakan-kemudahan-berwakaf-melalui-cimb-niaga-syariahJAKARTA.The development of Waqf (endowments) over time is known in the middle of society, In addition to encouragement from the government, educational institutions, endowments institutions, also the encouragement of Islamic financial institutions, participating in publicize and encourage the growth of waqf through sharia banking products.

One of them is CIMB Niaga Syariah, as one of the sharia Financial Institutions that manage waqf of money (LKS-PWU) issuing IB Mapan Waqf Saving product. Through this product, the Customer and the general public can more easily perform the Waqf.

In its Waqf Management program, CIMB Niaga Syariah cooperating with Rumah Wakaf Indonesia which is RZ partner in the field of waqf to be the implementer of the Waqf of money.

Director of CIMB Niaga Syariah Banking, Panji P Djajanegera together with Head of Sales and Distribution Syariah Banking, Diah R Paramaiswari present at the inauguration of such cooperation. The cooperation is marked by the handover of souvenir from the CIMB Niaga Syariah to the Director of the Rumah Wakaf Indonesia, Soleh Hidayat and the representatives of seven institutions submitted after the commitment to work together through the development of iB Mapan Waqf program in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/13).

Rumah Wakaf Indonesia as a national institution that manages waqf of money together with CIMB Niaga Syariah in School productive programs and Paid primary clinic, So the result of the management of the school and the clinic is able to support social programs.

As in the definition of productive Waqf is a management of waqf which funds managed to generate value, where the results are used for social activities without reducing the value of the Waqf.

“With IB Mapan wakaf Savings products from CIMB Niaga Syariah Citizens are easier to perform waqf, just come to CIMB Niaga Syariah bank, asked the program, and pay the waqf” Said Soleh Hidayat, director of Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI).

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