A woman told a story, my husband died when I was thirty years old. I have five children. After that, my world went dark, I always cried my tears dry and always regretted my fate. I became a person who despaired. I was always hit by sadness and anxiety in life.

My children were still small and we did not have enough income to live. The path I take is always to sell a few relics that were passed down by the father of our children.

One time, I came in to listen to the Quran from the radio. There was a sheikh who said: “Whosoever increases in doing istighfar, Allah will make for them the happiness from every sadness and the way out of every restlessness.”

After that, I increased my Istighfar, as well as my children, I ordered them to do the same. As a result, no more than six months we got a project offer for the goods that we have for large profits.

My first child became the most excellent student in our area, able to memorize the Quran smoothly. Therefore, he became the center of attention.

Our house was filled with gifts of kindness. Our lives became more worthy and Allah gave kindness to my sons. No more sadness, confusion, and anxiety. Since then, I felt I have become the happiest woman.

The story above provides valuable lessons for us Muslims about the fruits of istighfar. People who have much forgiveness will get great benefits in their lives, and be the solution to every problem in life.

This is confirmed in the Quran, “So, I say to them: ‘Ask forgiveness to your Lord, in fact He is the Most Forgiving, He will surely send rain to you in abundance, and multiply your wealth and your children, and make gardens for you and establish (also in them) rivers for you.” (QS Noah [71]: 10-12).

Also, it is emphasized in the hadith, “Whoever multiplies istighfar, Allah will make for him ease of every difficulty and a way out of every narrowness and Allah will give him sustenance from an unexpected way. ” (HR Ahmad).

Regarding istighfar, the Prophet SAW set an example, no less than seventy times a day. The Prophet peace be upon him said, “By Allah, verily I ask forgiveness from Allah and repent to Him more than seventy times a day.” (HR Bukhari). If the Prophet SAW was so enthusiastic in saying Istighfar, what about us?

May Allah SWT guide us Muslims to obtain isiqamah in taking up pilgrimage and achieve the benefits that have been promised. Amin.


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