RZ LDKO CilegonPEKANBARU. Some volunteer of RZ held counseling program for 21 Junior Volunteer who live in Kulim Village, Tenayan Raya District, Pekanbaru with regard to wriggler, how to observe its evolution, and how to deal with dengue fever.

To enliven the program, RZ invite the participants to join in wriggler counting competition. To win the competition each participant should collect and kill wriggler as much as they can in local people’s homes.

In this competition, RZ chose 3 best participants and each of them received trophy, cash money, and writing book as gift.

Al Razi Izzatul Yazid, a coordinator of volunteer, said that the competition was initiated as a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle promotion tool in Tenayan Raya.

He expected that after the implementation of the event, local people can realize the importance of eradicating wigglers. ***

Newsroom/Rendriawan Muhammad

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