RELAWAN CILIK RZ MAKASSAR BELAJAR TENTANG TEKANAN DARAH A total of 25 little volunteers (Recil) of RZ Makassar receive material about normal blood pressure in children, name recognition of tools, and functions, and how to use it followed by practice.

The event held at Kampung Parang on Sunday (05/29) brought enthusiasm and spirit of Recil. After given the material, they are looking for a partner who is the talent and the patients who will be checked.

The Recil are very enthusiastic to join this activity. A funny thing happened when they tried to call the tension tool like ‘sphygmomanometer’. Their tongues folded and others followed by laughter. In addition, they also love it when began to hear his heartbeat through a stethoscope. “Dag dag dig dug dig dug!” They were shocked and their laughter broke out again.

Volunteer of RZ Makassar which is the coordinator of Recil Andani itself reveals “For children it is important to learn and recognize normal blood pressure. Because preventive being healthy in old age is by recognizing and understanding the importance of health
besides that the importance objective is the knowledge itself that can be used to help families and others, “he said.

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