BREBES. Community development activities in Kubangsari empowered village continue to wriggle, one of them is free program illiterate hijaiyah, which is learning program to read Al Quran for parents. Activities held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at Baiturrohim mosque Rt 4 Rw 8 village Kubangsari village, Ketanggungan sub-district, Brebes, Central Java.

Currently, the number of recitation members is 21 people who are housewife, and at the beginning that’s just only 10 people. In the middle of their activity as housewife they still have high spirit to learn Al Quran.

According to Mrs. Dasmen, one of the participants, this program made herself confident and not ashamed to learn Al Quran because many of his age friends are also studying.
In addition to learning Al Quran the participants also received guidance from Mizan, facilitator of Rumah Zakat such as spiritual coaching with the Islamic materials and economic coaching such as providing business capital assistance.

On Sunday (24/09) the proram was filled with discussions on nutrition garden management plan. “The plan is starting on this September, the program will give the participants trust to manage the nutrition garden, which is planned to be located next to the mosque,” said Mizan. Her statement was immediately greeted enthusiastically by the participants. Mrs. Gayem was one of the participants to study the daily-living as a farmer willing to be a coordinator to succeed the nutrition garden program.



Newsroom / Ai Ratih Rusmayanti

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