RZ LDKO CilegonBOGOR. Inspiration Volunteers of Bogor implemented People Empowering Program in Sukarasa Village Hall, Cigudeg, Bogor, on Saturday (25/10).

In addition to empower people, the program was implemented to celebrate Islamic New Year 1436 H. Berry Kurniawan, an executive committee, said that there four actions implemented in the program namely supplementary food distribution for malnutrition toddlers, scholarship distribution for the needy students, Islamic forum for the elders, and economic empowerment for micro business entrepreneurs.

One of economic empowerment program’s targets was a traditional tempeh entrepreneur. In this action, the volunteer trained him to create high quality product and market it.

“This program is a part local potential empowerment which includes coach and counseling program, empowerment program, and development program,” Kurniawan said.***

Newsroom/Radar Bogor

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