RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ BERDAYAKAN WARGA SOMOGEDE, WONOSOBOWONOSOBO. RZ inspiring volunteer shared benefits in Somogede village, Wonosobo. The existence of RZ inspiring volunteer can contribute in various areas, including in Somogede village. As on June 5th and inspiring volunteer implement various RZ regular programs include the weekly Mentoring, Wisdom Council, Nutrition for toddler, provision of Ceria Scholarship, and the Community Synergies.

One of excellence programs of inspiring volunteer in ICD Somogede is to launch Al Azzam’s house on May 20, 2015. With the existence of this institution, the community greatly helped in many ways. Among them is, granting full scholarships to two beneficiaries, the source of the funds is a joint venture of villagers Somogede.

One of the beneficiaries of RZ scholarship is Miswan, an orphan child whose mother had died about five years ago. Now he lives with her father that the condition is not as healthy as before. Moreover, lately, his father has been unable to work as a farmer as usual. His Uric acid is often relapsing so he has a difficulty in walking.

Thus, not infrequently his job should be assisted by neighbors. Exactly a year ago, when it had just graduated from junior high school, RZ inspiring volunteer of ICD Somogede asked the Miswan’s father about his secondary education plans that may be taken by Miswan, but he replied.

“Miswan will not continue school, because we have no money”. But, Alhamdulillah, thanks to the help of the community and the initiation of RZ inspiring volunteer and his colleagues, finally Miswan can go to school like other friends. Even now Miswan is in 2nd grade in SMK Jalaluddin Wonosobo.



Newsroom/Tony Iswahyudi

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