RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ IKUT ANDIL DALAM UPAYA MELURUSKAN AKIDAH BANDUNG.(04/28) Straightness of faith is something that cannot be bargained away in religion. The role of parents is then necessary to always guide the children toward the right religion, believe also devoted to God. But it is a different case with the parents in Sukamulya village which is still belief to Wiwitan. Unfortunately they Islam are merely in name only.

Because of this, RZ Inspiring volunteer come down to take part in attempt to straighten akidah of the kids there first. Inspiring volunteer regularly conduct mentoring to teach straight religious to them.

In addition, there is also Ustadz Asep who active to preach there, he struggled with RZ to provide guidance for children and parents in sukamulya village hoping to make people believe in and fear to Allah. Specific challenges faced by Ustadz Asep during her fighting in Sukamulya village.

As for Islamic education provided by Inspiring volunteer and Ustadz Asep include reading the Quran, Tahfidz and morality.

“Alhamdulillah after mosque establish and RZ scholarship program in the area, we more easily and helped like never before-first. But there are still obstacles and challenges, but this will be the motivation for my spirit,” said Ustd Asep.
He has hopes that his fostered children will be the successor to struggle in upholding the religion of Allah in this village in particular.

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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