RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ PROMOSIKAN SABUN UNIK KARYA PEMUDA ASAL ICD SEMPUMuriaNewsCom, BloraDay by day, the community needs to wash increase. That is the reason Sempu village residents to invent creative idea in producing a wide range of laundry soap.

Lilik Zubaidi, a young man from Sempu village which is the originator of this effort. He made a kind of product of dish soap and kitchen utensils, cleaning floors, vehicle body polishing, and tires polishing. Top Cling is the product name.

“About the quality, we can guarantee that the product (Top Cling) able to compete with other branded products. Not only about quality, but also we can guarantee that it is more affordable, “said Lilik in Gebyar Kreativitas Inovasi Masyarakat (Krenova) (Krenova) in GOR Mustika Blora.

According to him, the efforts have been initiated since several months ago have provided jobs. They are the local villagers.

He hoped that his side is capable of producing more soap. Besides that there is also promotional assistance from RZ’s inspiring Volunteer from ICD Sempu, hopefully the product will be better known.

Known, the product once ranks fourth in the prestigious event at the district level Gebyar Kreativitas Inovasi Masyarakat (Krenova) dan Teknologi Tepat Guna Tahun 2016.

In its production, he not only uses chemicals, but also using material from straw water sediments. During this time the marketing has expanded into several areas in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Meanwhile Sempu village chief, Suwarno appreciate empowerment innovation activities carried out by a group of youths in the village. Moreover, citizens make innovation for daily consumption.

“The production has reduced unemployment in the village,” said Suwarno.

Source: http://www.murianews.com/2016/08/08/90542/pemuda-desa-sempu-kunduran-blora-buat-sabun-dari-endapan-air-jerami.html

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