relawan-nusantara-rz-jatim-asah-skill-basic-life-support-di-mallSURABAYA (11/20), RZ’s East Java Volunteer Nusantara consist of volunteers from Surabaya, Jember and Kediri follow the Basic Life Support Training in Grand City Surabaya ballrom. The activity took place from 9:00 am to 03:00 pm, this was attended by over 400 participants, while RZ’s East Java Volunteer Nusantara sent six personnel from Surabaya, two personnel from Jember, and 2 personnel from Kediri.

Volunteer of RZ Surabaya, said “The training provides a lot of new knowledge for our volunteers who most of our majority is a volunteer with non-medical background so that the knowledge received extremely helpful to our action in the future.”

The opening ceremony was opened with testimony from a doctor named Lucky who’ve found the incidence of people who suddenly collapsed and was unconscious when Friday sermons, efforts were made and a few hours later not helped, but in another incident friend of Dr. Lucky helped someone who fainted and was unconscious and then Dr. Lucky’s friend carried out airway, heart massage, breathing and then he recover and went home on foot.

Interesting opening which told that BLS is very important to be learnt by every one in order to save many lives. Then the next session participants learned about the importance BLS and continued to BLS simulations. Learn how to massage the heart appropriately, learn how to do airway and breathing.

At the end the participants presented with materials related to the heart and cause of coronary heart disease caused by not good lifestyle. In fact, heart disease can strike anyone at anytime and so BLS became one of the initial provisions for volunteers to contribute in reducing mortality with their knowledge.

Volunteers of RZ Surabaya acknowledge that the material is very suitable and useful for volunteers. “Hopefully the knowledge is useful and can be shared to other volunteers. Because the science presented in Basic Life Support Training is indeed very suitable medical science learned by everyone, especially for us who want to be part of the person who wants to save a fellow human being from heart attacks that could come at anytime and anywhere”

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